Walking in Spain along the Camino Ignaciano from Loyola to Manresa, and the Camino de Invierno from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

San Roman to Genevilla - over two days.

We had a bed in a truckies hotel on the outskirts of San Roman.  It was comfortable and quiet - in our room, but downstairs it was noisy and boisterous.

We didn't rush departure on the next day as there was a heavy mist and the path went up another mountain, and our guidebook said to take care as we were to walk beside a ravine.  As it turned out, the sun had burned the mist away by the time we reached the top, and the translation in our notes was not quite accurate.  We had visions of walking along a ridge with sharp drops on either side, but instead we walked along the edge of what Julie and I decided were precipitous cliffs.  This was a beautiful walk indeed - stunning views, silence - apart from the occasional bird call, and pleasant temperatures.  The notes we had warned us that the signs were difficult to follow, but we kept our wits about us and all was well except in one tricky spot.
Looking back towards San Roman with the mist still thick in the valley
Just one view from near the edge of the cliff
Crocus growing on the cliff edge, and, looking beyond across the valley.  San Roman would be on the left just out of sight.
Still on the cliff edge. The grass looked like it had been mown and the trees clung on very close to the edge.
It was at this point that we lost the signs momentarily as Pam and Julie try to see one - in vain.  We ended up crossing the meadow in the top left of the picture, and eventually picked up the trail.

This was a pretty tough day, because in addition to the cliff top walk we had to slither our way up the mountain, for over a kilometre, through some heavy clay mud which made us not only very dirty, but also quite a bit taller!

We ended the day at a delightful agritourismo abode in Alda, hosted by Faustino.  Here we had a restful night as there was nothing to do except eat, sleep, and talk.  We spent a bit of time with Phillippe, the French pilgrim who left on the same day as us.
Our Casa Rural, our agritourismo accommodation for the night.

We left this morning at about 9.00am, with our destination being Genevilla.  Today's walking has been pretty easy as we have mostly been in sheltered forests.  It is so much easier to walk in shade when the sun is boring down.
Heading towards San Vicente.
San Vicente in the early morning light.
The mountains around here have quite sheer rock cliffs.

Some of the forests were Holm Oak, and walking into the village of Santa Cruz de Campezo we put two and two together and worked out why the houses are so big.  The first thing we noticed was a kennel with many truffle dogs.  We saw one of them being trained.  We also noticed a number of properties that had a Holm Oak "forest" as their front, fenced garden.  We decided the only reason to have such a garden would be to hunt for truffles!  Certainly the town seems quite well off.
Walking through the Holm Oak forest.
Julie walking in Santa Cruz

Tonight we are in another Casa Rural and have just returned from a "secret" restaurant where we had one of the best pilgrim meals I have ever had.  We called it "secret" because our host escorted us to it where upon he knocked on the door and we were ushered in!

Bed calls.  The others are asleep as I write, now it's my turn.

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  1. More beautiful landscapes, and interesting looking town. Thanks for sharing this Janet.